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Christie Alwis

B.Sc(eng) Hons.,c ' eng.miet(London), FIESL(Sri Lanka)
Engineering Consultant Communication & Computers technology

-  Visiting lecturer for the final year Engineering student at   University of Moratuwa.Visiting lecturer in the     computer science faculty university  of  Sabaragamuwa Sri Lanka.
-   Former Director / Former Chief Network Officer of Sri Lanka Telecom.
-   Former Chairmen of Finance and Administration Committee of SeaMeWe4

Plan noble things !
"Noble" is such a beautiful word one does not hear it mentioned anywhere.The wall street journal never run a story about "the ten most noble companies"Inc.Magazine does not carry articles on"How to be a noble CEO" How to contribute more to the noble causes in the world?".This web site may be a tiny drop towards nobality. Further this web site will facilitate for any person to acquire knowledege in the field of communication engineering and Computer education.


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